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Life's a Show and We All Play Our Parts

All I know is I've heard this All before

13 March 1984
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I'm just me. I like to chill with my friends and just have fun doing whatever. I'm very laid-back and I don't make a habit of starting shit. I hate drama and I stay out of it as much as possible. I love to joke around more or less making fun of people though i don't always mean anything by it, that's just how I roll. Love me or hate me, i could care less sometimes. I love peanut m&m's, Dr. Pepper, Corona w/lime, Captain Morgans, and Cuervo black medallion . I generally don't mind dancing that much anymore, but I love to Salsa. There are actually a few good latin clubs in the area now. I guess I'm alright though sometimes i can be a dick. I pretty laid-back most of the time, just going out and having fun with my friends.